Building Permit Fees


    The Town of Fine charges for the issuance of building permits to defray the costs of operating the Code Enforcement Department.  The individual who is receiving the specialized service required by the code should not be an additional burden upon the general taxpaying public.


   The fee schedule is not intended to offset the total operating costs of the Code Enforcement Department, but rather to help offset the costs.


    Permits will not be issued until all fees associated with building permits are paid in full.





  1.  Building Permit  -New one or two family dwelling fee = $ 50.00


  2.  Building Permit  -New Commercial/Industrial/Multiple dwelling fee = $ 125.00


  3.  Building Permit  -Residential addition or alteration fee = $ 25.00  


  4.  Building Permit  -Commercial/Industrial/Multiple dwelling addition or alteration fee = $ 50.00


  5.  Private Septic System Permit fee $ 25.00

     Failure to obtain a building permit prior to starting a project will incur a penalty that doubles the cost of the respective permit.    

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